The Technological and Business Incubator "ITA TEXCONF" was established within the National Institute of Research - Development for Textiles and Leather - INCDTP Bucharest, based on G.D. 406 / 02.04.2003, following the decision of the board of directors no. 899 of 01.03.2006, based on the National Program "Development of the infrastructure of innovation and technological transfer INFRATECH, the instrument for supporting the establishment and development of entities from the infrastructure of innovation and technological transfer in Romania.


The Technological and Business Incubator «ITA TEXCONF» was accredited by the National Authority for Scientific Research based on decision 9322/2006 and is part of the National Network for Innovation and Technological Transfer ReNITT.
"ITA TEXCONF" operates in a P+1 building. The building has been rehabilitated and has spaces for offices, work spaces, meeting rooms designed to ensure optimal business negotiation conditions, all equipped with office furniture, communication equipment (computer network, central heating, as well as utilities related (electricity, gas, water supply, sewerage).

The "ITA TEXCONF" equipped area for incubation is 517.42 square meters, of which:
- Offices: 401.62 sq m
- Conference room: 54.70 sq m
- Kitchen: 10 sqm
- Hallways and bathrooms 51.10 sq m
The Technological and Business Incubator can host for a limited period of time (usually 3 years) and offer services both to companies already active in the field of the textile industry, and to entrepreneurs who want to create their own businesses, which will lead to the development economic development of the area as well as the creation of new jobs.

The general objective of the activity of the Technology and Business Incubator "ITA TEXCONF" is the development of a favorable, sustainable environment for newly established companies, but also for those with development potential, offering an entrepreneurial and training environment, access to mentors and investors, visibility on market.


- development of the incubation activity for SMEs in the textile field and related fields;
- the intensification of collaboration relations within the 4 textile clusters and the 2 poles of competitiveness in which INCDTP is a member (Automotive SV Oltenia, IND AGRO POL) as well as within the Association of Clusters in Romania - CLUSTERO;
- carrying out collaborative activities with The Balkan Cluster Network, in which we have been members since 2014;
- developing and intensifying the partnership activity with the ReNITT, ARoTT, EEN networks;
- the identification of new collaborative relationships, the creation of interest groups and new partnerships in the field;
- staff training by participating in courses specific to the activity of the incubator;
- providing assistance, collaborations and specific actions with the incubated companies;
- increasing the degree of use of research results and patents;
- creating new partnerships with companies in the textile, ready-to-wear and related fields.


- communication-information services;
- processing, editing, multiplication of promotional materials;
- planning and design;
- business support services for innovation and technological transfer;
- research and development services;
- technological information services, technological audit, monitoring and technological forecasting;
- assistance and consulting services for the creation of experimental models and prototypes;
- assistance and consulting services for the exploitation of intellectual property rights;
- assistance and consulting services in the legislative field at national, European and international level;
- specialized services in the textile-confections field;
- identification of partners from the university and scientific research environment.


Within the Technology and Business Incubator "ITA TEXCONF" a number of 26 textile and related companies have been incubated since its inception, among which: SC Xtreme Equipment SRL; SC Jigsaw Manufacturing SRL; SC Ludique Panties SRL; SC Art Broderie SRL; SC Sevara Fashion SRL; SC Bien Savvy SRL; SC Jigsaw Trading SRL, etc.

Aspects of the activity of an incubated company

• Link to the technology transfer database


Activities carried out in 2020:

In 2020, the process of re-accreditation of the Technological and Business Incubator ITA TEXCONF was completed, obtaining the Accreditation Certificate 118/2020, for the next 5 years.

• Collaborations/partnerships/exchange of information with entities involved in the field targeted by the entity (selection): INMA-ITA, CIT IRECSON Bucharest, FEPAIUS, Asociatia Clusterelor din România – CLUSTERO, RTxC Cluster, ASTRICO NE Cluster, TMV Cluster, TT&F Cluster and profile SMEs;
• Main organizer of scientific events: - the "Textile Strategy for Innovative Higher Education by Advanced Materials & Skills Development" workshop organized by INCDTP within the Erasmus+ TEXSTRA project;
• Training session for trainers within the Erasmus+ CosTUmE project organized online by the Romanian partners, INCDTP and the Astrico Nord-Est Cluster, with the participation of 11 VET experts;
• The multiplication event within the Erasmus+ CosTUmE project organized online by the North-East Astrico Cluster and INCDTP;
• Participation in more than 25 conferences/seminars, fairs and exhibitions, technology brokerage (selection):
- the EUROINVENT 2020 exhibition held in Iasi;
- the meeting of the technical working group in the field of research, development and innovation organized by MFE and MEC;
- webinar organized by Euratex for the presentation of the new strategic programs;
- the international conference ICAMS 2020 organized online by INCDTP;
- online event organized by ETP within the COST CONTEXT project, with the participation of over 240 specialists from 16 countries;
- the online entrepreneurial discovery meeting (EDP) organized by ADR SE;
- the workshops on "Strengthening University-Industry-Government cooperation in Romania", organized online by JRC;
- the series of 4 workshops with the theme "Technology transfer and the development of innovative products" organized online by the JRC;
- the "Self-Sustainable Clusters" online training event organized by the Pannon Business Network Association - PBN, within the "Danube S3 Cluster" project.
• Participation in the development of 6 project proposals in programs such as: H2020, COSME, Erasmus+ and the initiation of collaboration in order to provide consulting services for innovation, within the call for projects no. POR/2017/1/1.1.C./1 Priority Axis 1, Investment Priority 1.1, Operation C-SME or IMM in partnership with ITT for technological transfer investments, Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, beneficiary companies SC AGROTURISM USCA CUVIN SRL and SC TA-TIENNE SRL.

Activities carried out in 2019:

• Focus group organized by INCDTP and the ASTRICO NORD-EST Association within the Erasmus+ Costume project, with the participation of representatives of companies and profile clusters/associations, such as: SC Iceland Inmar SRL, SC Datsa Textile SRL, SC S&B COMP SRL, SC RIFIL SA, SC ASTRICO NORD EST SRL, the Astrico Nord Est Textile Cluster and the Romanian Textile Concept cluster;
• Visit of teaching staff from high schools and specialized professional schools within INCDTP; the current activity of INCDTP, the 3D scanning cabin, pattern design software and virtual clothing simulation and the Erasmus+ Costume project were presented;
• The international dissemination event of the Erasmus+ project "COSTUmE - Updating the profile of the Clothing Technician through education", organized by INCDTP, ITA TEX CONF together with the ASTRICO NORD-EST Association and the RTxC Cluster, at the INCDTP headquarters. The event brought together research centers, companies and profile associations and clusters from Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and Romania;
• Stand for the presentation and dissemination of ongoing projects within Polifest, organized by the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest;
• Presentation of the paper "Innovative technological solutions for the design and production of tactical equipment", authors Olaru Sabina, Popescu Georgeta, Avârvarei Dan, Săliștean Adrian, Spinachi Elena, Badea Ionela, at the International Conference "Innovative solutions for sustainable development of textiles and leather industry";
• Stand for the presentation and dissemination of ongoing projects as part of the Holde Textil Fair, held at Romexpo. The event represented a new opportunity to establish new collaboration contacts with the academic and commercial environment in China and Romania;
• Networking session with training providers, national authorities in the field of qualification and vocational training together with companies from the textile industry in Romania, organized by the Romanian partners of the CosTUmE project, the ASTRICO NORD-EST Association and INCDTP, in Piatra Neamț;
• Networking sessions with training providers and companies from the textile-garment industry in Romania to analyze the profile of the Clothing Technician, organized within the Erasmus+ Costume project, by INCDTP, ITA TEXCONF and the ASTRICO NORD-EST Association, at the INCDTP headquarters;
• Co-organization of the technical-scientific seminar for the popularization of science "SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN TEXTILES-LEATHER - ACHIEVEMENTS AND TRENDS", within MODEXPO - the International Exhibition of textile fabrics, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods, accessories, ROMEXPO Press Center;
• Presentation stand and activity to promote the event on its own website within MODEXPO – the International Exhibition of textile fabrics, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods, accessories, ROMEXPO;
• ITA TEXCONF was involved in the organization at the INCDTP level of the - IXth edition of the International Conference TEX TEH - ADVANCED TEXTILES FOR A BETTER WORLD - organized by INCDTP;
• Co-organization of the Workshop "Innovative achievements and perspectives for the development of advanced materials with electroconductive properties", I NCDTP headquarters.

Activities carried out in 2018:

• Information session launched by the North-East Regional Development Agency regarding the launch of: Investment Priority 1.1.C - "Investments for SMEs for the implementation of a research result" - within the 2014-2020 ROP;
• Information session and debate on projects from the Competitiveness Operational Program (POC), organized by the Advanced Research Institute of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest;
• Event organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the City of Bucharest - CCIB, dedicated to the promotion of Romanian-Indian commercial and economic relations - Workshop in the field of textile innovation "Multiplication event within the Erasmus+ project - TexMatrix" The concept of the knowledge matrix for e-learning innovation: introduction, methods of use, applications - INCDTP headquarters;
• Technical-scientific seminar "Leather textile industry from tradition to sustainability through research-development-innovation", organized within MODEXPO - International Exhibition of textile fabrics, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods, accessories, at which ITA TEXCONF, together with INCDTP had the capacity of co-organizer, the Press Center of ROMEXPO;
• TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY SHOW event – Technology exhibition for the textile industry in South-Eastern Europe, ROMEXPO, presentation stand and event promotion activity; - The "International Business Forum" event, organized by the Ministry for the Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship (MMACA), at the Palace of the Parliament - Bucharest;
• The "Researchers' Night 2018" event, with activities: exhibition of protective equipment and products for the aeronautical field, film presentation containing the trial and testing of products for the aeronautical field, developed within the INCDTP research projects, interactive design with skins, furs and scrolls, interactive scientific activities to learn about the structure of materials, using the optical microscope;
• Provision of services regarding pattern grading and dress making.

Activities carried out in 2017:

Participation and presentation of ITA promotion papers/posters/leaflets at a number of 20 national and international scientific events in the field of TT, entrepreneurship, SME, textile sector - garments, among which we highlight:
• Info Day "Synergies between ECSEL JU Commune Enterprise and Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020, Axis 1: Research, technological development and innovation in support of economic competitiveness and business development";
• Workshop "Multifunctional knitted agrotextiles - performance elements for a sustainable agriculture", Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the City of Bucharest; - Seminar dedicated to the second meeting of the Stakeholders of the RESET project, at which INCDTP is a partner and which promotes the exchange of best practices for the purpose of knowledge transfer in the activity of research, innovation and capitalization of CDI results, INCDTP headquarters;
• ILE 3 thematic seminar "New sustainable chemistry" within the Interreg Europe RESET project, 04.04.2017, Bucharest; • Workshop "Interactive textiles sustainable elements for convergent fields" for analysis and promotion of the results obtained within the project "Interactive textile systems for people with disabilities, with a cosmetic-hygienic, maintenance and recovery role", INCDTP headquarters;
• "ROMANIAN TEXTILE CONCEPT" Cluster Day, INCDTP headquarters; - AGIR scientific symposium "Education - Essential component of environmental policy", 11th edition, Bucharest;
• The exhibition "INCDTP - From idea and concept to prototypes and commercial specimens", at the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry Palace;
• Round table with the title: Stimulating the technological transfer of research results; Presentation, perspectives and experiences, organized by the National Research-Development Institute for Mechatronics and Measurement Techniques - INCDMTM; - The international conference TEX- THE - Bucharest, a traditional scientific event for INCDTP, in its 8th edition in 2017, at which ITA TEXCONF had the capacity of Co-organizer;
• Romanian Research Salon "Conceived in Romania" - Bucharest; - Symposium "Research, development and innovation - support for economic competitiveness and social development", on the occasion of the Romanian Researcher's Day, INMA Bucharest headquarters;
• Meeting with representatives of SMEs in sector 3 with activities in the field of production and marketing of clothing and footwear, organized by the City Hall of Sector 3-Bucharest.

Activities carried out in 2016:

International scientific events:
• Workshop within Advan2Tex, Erasmus +, Project idea: TEXCLUSTERS - Increase of the competitiveness of textile – clothing companies and integration in clusters/competitiveness poles, author: Daniela Bucur, Guimaraes - Portugal;
• Promoting Best Practices for Innovation in Textiles, author: Daniela Bucur, Maribor - Slovenia 112 International Salon of Inventions, Techniques and New Products Geneva 2016, 44th edition - Geneva, Switzerland Joint Staff Event within the ERASMUS+ ADVAN2TEX project - Maribor, Slovenia.

Obtaining 2 prizes:
• Gold medal, Traian Vuia Timisoara International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations, for the invention "Multifunctional fabric intended for the creation of temporary shelters for people", authors: L. Surdu, C. Ghituleasa, D. Bucur, S. Matei, T. Dobrea - Timisoara, 27.05.2016;
• Diploma and Gold Medal, International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva Switzerland, for the invention: "Multifunctional fabric intended for the creation of temporary shelters for people", authors: L. Surdu, C. Ghituleasa, D. Bucur, S. Matei, T. Dobrea - 15.04.2016.

Activities carried out in 2015:

• Making new contacts and improving collaborations at various levels, including entities within the ReNITT and ARoTT network; potential beneficiary enterprises, especially within clusters and competitiveness poles; research organizations both in the field of textiles - garments and in other fields in which textiles have, or may have, applicability; educational units, both from the university and from the high school system; local and central government bodies; other organizations such as: OSIM or commercial banks, consulting firms, including catalysts of the clustering process, networks and associations in various fields, etc.;
• Project application with the title "From women to women for starting business" acronym W2W, within the Interreg Danube Transnational Program, coordinator Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Bulgaria. The consortium consists of 8 partners: 2 from Bulgaria, 1 from Germany, 1 from Hungary, 2 partners from Romania, 1 from Slovenia and 1 partner from Serbia;
• Collaborative actions with university education, respectively with the Politehnica University of Bucharest FAIMA Faculty - Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Business Management, to guide students in practice;
• Actions to support the national Olympics of the textile and leather industry, Sfântu Gheorghe;
• Participation in a number of more than 20 national and international scientific events in the field of TT, entrepreneurship, SME, the textile sector - garments, at 9 of which reports, posters, leaflets promoting ITA were presented.

Activities carried out in 2014:

In 2014, ITA TEXCONF had the capacity of organizer/co-organizer/partner in some scientific events attended by representatives of clusters and SMEs in the textile and related fields:
• INCDTP Seminar – promoter of excellent research in the textile-leather field and INCDTP presentation stand, within POLIFEST, Polytechnic University of Bucharest;
• MODEXPO Seminar - From idea and concept to technological transfer in scientific research in textiles and leather, Romexpo;
• The 5th International Conference on Advanced materials and Systems, ICAMS, Bucharest.


Promotion of women in the textile-clothing sector – FEMTEXCONF

Contract no. 10N/2009, Nucleu Program 2009-2015 "Research-active factor of innovation in the textile-leather industry CERTEXPEL", project-PN 0910 04 08.
The main objective of this project is to promote a better integration of the gender dimension in scientific and business career opportunities for women in the textile-clothing sector, both from the research and education environment as well as from the economic and cluster environment.
Also, the project aims to provide a perspective on gender concepts and an integrative approach to the gender dimension, considering the importance of taking them into account in the labor market and professional training.

Within the project, actions were carried out in the following 3 directions, both for the research and learning environment as well as for the economic environment and clusters in the field of textiles - garments:
• Analysis and diagnosis study of women's involvement;
• Promoting the participation of women in the scientific career;
• Promotion of good practices in the textile sector.

The project is in line with the strategic vision of the European Research Area -ERA, adopted in 2010, which sets as an objective that by 2030, half of all scientific staff, in all disciplines and at all levels of the scientific system, should be women.

- analysis study and diagnosis of the involvement of women in the field of textiles and clothing in the university and research environment;
- analysis and diagnosis study of the involvement of women in the textile-clothing sector in the business environment/clusters;
- study regarding the promotion of women's participation in the scientific career in the field of textiles and clothing;
- 2 papers published in proceedings of international conferences, 7 papers presented at scientific events, 2 posters.

Increasing the competitiveness of textile - garment enterprises and integration into innovative clusters - CLUSTEX

Contract no. 26N/2016, Core Program 2009-2015 "Research-active factor of innovation in the textile-leather industry CERTEXPEL", project-PN 163405 04
The main objective of the project was to develop the activity of innovative clusters in the textile-garment industry, by developing strategic directions of action, including integrated development solutions and flexible organization, by developing analyses, reports and information on the textile field and on entities such as competitiveness clusters and poles.
At the same time, the project had the following directions of action: the interconnection of clusters for the creation of new industrial capacities and new skills, both at the national and European level, the promotion of innovation and cooperation between clusters, internationalization, supporting the activity of clusters for accessing European funds, through the development of a package of joint projects – Joint projects, especially in cluster-specific programs, the development of a joint collaboration portal of textile-garment clusters.

The main goal of the project was to support the competitiveness of innovative clusters in the textile-garment industry, by promoting a development based on innovation, creating a climate of trust and cooperation between cluster members, promoting a relational system of training, information, cooperation, both between members of the clusters as well as between the stakeholders in the sector, by promoting the field of textiles and garments and increasing the visibility of Romanian textiles on the national and European market, in order to face the ever-changing challenges due to a dynamic market that is going through multiple economic crises.

- Study on the European textile-garment industry - characteristics, indicators, development trends, strategies;
- Study on the textile-garment industry in Romania - characteristics, economic indicators, challenges, opportunities, strategic objectives;
- Study on clusters and poles of competitiveness in Romanian and international textiles-confections, directions of action to increase competitiveness;
- Portal of the clusters and poles of competitiveness in the textile-garments field;
- Package of Joint projects for the purpose of accessing specific programs.

Actions were also carried out within the Gender, Science, Technology and Environment – GenderSTE, project, COST Action TA 1201 program, the project consortium comprising representatives of the research, academic, business environment and women's organizations from over 30 of countries. The genderSTE project aims to promote a fair representation of women and a better integration of the gender dimension in research and innovation.

- Actions to promote the project's objectives and gender equality through dissemination actions at more than 10 events;
- Participation in the EPWS (European Platform of Women Scientists) International Conference "New perspectives on Women Scientists Careers in Europe".

ITA TEXCONF coordinated as the responsible partner, the project entitled Development of the capacity to transfer and commercialize research results within applied research institutes and centers in Romania - implementation of a pilot model for specialized departments, contract no. 10S/04.02.2015, financed under the specific objective "Development of the performance of the activities of research and development units" within the Sectoral Plan of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research - National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation. The consortium of this project consists of: Polytechnic University of Bucharest - UPB (coordinator), INCD for Mechatronics and Measurement Techniques - INCDMTM Bucharest, INCD for Textiles and Leather - INCDTP Bucharest, INCD for Electrical Engineering - ICPE - CA Bucharest, Technological Information Center CIT IRECSON Bucharest, Romanian Association for Technological Transfer and Innovation - ARoTT.

The purpose of this project is to create a pilot model for the functions of transfer and capitalization of research results and the scientific and technical expertise of institutes and applied research centers in our country, with a view to implementation through specialized compartments in their structure.

The "ITA TEXCONF" activity will focus on the following directions:

Short and medium term Long term
• incubation of SMEs in the textile and related fields; • increasing the degree of capitalization of research results in the field;
• attracting financing through projects; • promoting and developing a relational system of training, information and promotion in the textile sector;
• integration into clusters and poles of competitiveness; • the integration of innovative Romanian structures at the European level;
• creation of interest groups and partnerships in the field; • development of databases in the textile field;
• innovative technological transfer to SMEs. • development of an interactive system to promote the concept of an incubator center.

Through the activity « ITA TEXCONF » aims to:
- increasing the degree of capitalization of research results in the textile field;
- SME incubation in the textile-garments and related fields;
- encouraging the development of the private sector through innovation and technological transfer;
- promotion at national and international level of innovative products and technologies in the textile field;
- the transfer of innovative technologies from the textile field to beneficiaries, especially SMEs;
- the training of specialized human resources in the field of technology transfer, innovation, etc.;
- promoting the culture of innovation in INCDTP, of collaboration with the business environment at the national level.


For additional information or how your company can benefit from the incubator's services, please contact us.
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