Asserting itself as an active and dynamic operator on the national and European research market, The National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP) - Bucharest promotes and develops multidisciplinary applied research activities in the field of textiles-garments and leather-shoes-rubber consumer goods, for economic agents in the sector and for other various related fields.

The National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather Bucharest is the only national research and development institute for these industrial fields in Romania and operates on the basis of GD (HG) no. 1304/1996, amended and supplemented by GD (HG) no. 1463/2004 regarding the approval of the own Regulation of organization and operation, of Law no. 324 of 08.07.2003 for the approval of Government Ordinance (OG) no. 57/2002 on scientific research and technological development, amended and supplemented by GO (OG) 6/2011.

The textile-garment and leather-shoe industry in continuous evolution and profound changes on a national and European level creates multiple opportunities for fulfilling the INCDTP mission, having as reference points the strategic directions of development established by the National R&D (CDI) Strategy 2014-2020, the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Garments, the Institutional Development Plan 2019-2022 and the R&D (CDI) Strategy 2019-2022.

The declared mission of INCDTP Bucharest is to develop as a competitive institute on a national and European/world level through high-level scientific and multidisciplinary research-development activities in the field of textiles - clothing and leather - footwear - rubber consumer goods, for economic agents in the sector and for other related fields.

The research activity of INCDTP focuses on the following scientific fields, in correlation with the fields of intelligent specialization and public priority established by the National R&D (CDI) Strategy 2014-2020:

● Biotechnologies and biomaterials for agriculture and other industrial applications obtained through the recovery and valorization of by-products/waste from the textile-leather industry in accordance with the principles of the circular economy;

● Textiles for special fields, individual protective equipment for environments with different degrees of risk: rapid design and prototyping, digital and virtual production, modeling, simulation and presentation tools, for special textiles, parachutes, paragliders; innovative textiles for the aeronautical, naval industry, personal protective equipment with dual use;

● Energy, environment and climate changes: ecological production and depollution technologies, re-cycling, up-cycling to limit environmental pollution;

● Eco-nano-technologies and advanced materials for health and related fields; advanced textile materials, leather, polymer materials with technical use, nanomaterials;

● Medical textile devices, medical collagen biomaterials, textile and leather or fur articles intended to improve health and quality of life;

● Customized textile and footwear, anthropometric research, co-design and virtual simulation, scientific research in product design and creative process in the textile-leather field: surface design, fashion design, footwear design, management design;

● Evaluation of the state of degradation, materials and investigation/maintenance procedures for conservation (active and preventive) and restoration of historical and cultural heritage objects made of leather, parchment and textiles.

Also, INCDTP carries out related activities, which support the main research activity:

● technological transfer and valorization of the results obtained in research through experimental pilot stations;

● consultancy and technical assistance, testing services for raw materials and textile products (please use the following email addresses: office@incdtp.ro, loreta.nedelcu@incdtp.ro), testing and laboratory investigation services for economic agents from the textile-leather sector through 2 RENAR accredited laboratories;

● editing and publishing of scientific journals, through our own publishing house CERTEX: the scientific journals Industria Textila, listed by ISI Thomson Reuters, www.revistaindustriatextila.ro, and Leather and Footwear Magazine, recognized by CNCS in Category B+, at position 281/2010, CNCSIS code 565, www.revistapielarieincaltaminte.ro;

● standardization activity by participating in 5 technical committees: CT 103 - "Textiles", CT 102 - "Leathers, leather substitutes and garments", CT 108 - "Plastic and rubber materials, analysis methods and products", CT 324 - "Floors and materials for floors and walls"; CT 383 – "Innovation Management";

● training activity, professional training. - the institute is authorized as a professional training provider since 2010.

The identity of INCDTP, capable of covering avant-garde research, is defined as a link between research and technological transfer, stimulating partnerships with prominent economic agents, on a national and European level, with an impact on increasing their competitiveness and technological innovation capacity, through products multifunctional, advanced technologies and services.
The joint efforts of the entire research team, combined with the application of a modern, high-performance management, oriented towards scientific excellence, organizational innovation, competitiveness and technological transfer, will lead to the achievement of the INCDTP vision:

"In 2022 INCDTP will become a research center of international scope, through public-private partnerships, research excellence, innovation culture, mobilizing a critical mass of researchers and contributing to a more competitive industry."

Career / Human Resources

The management strategy of INCDTP considers Human Resources as the most valuable potential of the institute. That is why the development of human resources and ensuring the critical mass of specialists constitutes a priority strategic direction for the period 2016 - 2020.
You can find more details about the staff structure, professional training and career development opportunities here.

Research infrastructure

Investing in the research infrastructure, INCDTP sets as its objective the increase of the volume of activity and productivity in the long term, this will contribute to the consolidation and development of research activity and scientific potential, the visibility and promotion of the institute as a dynamic operator on the national research market and European.
More details regarding the research infrastructure and the facilities offered by it can be found here.

Scientific recognition

Institutional visibility is guaranteed through awards and medals obtained in a competitive regime, through the participation of R&D (CDI) staff at salons of inventions, new products and technologies, fairs, exhibitions, specialized scientific events organized at national and international level. More details here.


The management of INCDTP is ensured by: the Board of Administration; Steering Committee; General director. More details here.
The organizational structure of INCDTP you can find it here.

Strategic Documents

INCDTP activity is regulated by the following strategic documents:

Strategic Documents
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